We help our clients build secure products.

JSOF Tech team

JSOF is a team of experienced cyber security professionals, with a wide and deep understanding of software, technology, and security.

Located in Israel with offices on the campus of the Hebrew University, we draw our talent from the best and the brightest new minds, and maintain a strong research orientation.

Experts in both offensive and defensive security, we have vast experience in numerous fields, including IOT, automotive, media, trusted computing, anti-reversing, IP protection, embedded devices, and mobile devices fields, as well as more general-purpose computing.

As a boutique firm, we are attentive to the particular needs of our clients, which include top-tier international companies. We have perfected a retainer-model relationship that delivers bespoke solutions to a range of challenges, whether for a single project, a portfolio of projects, or across the breadth of a company.

We afford our clients the flexibility to import our expertise seamlessly into their operations, resulting in on-going, long-term, dedicated advantage.